Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple Obtains $10 Million Grant for Restoration

Well this is some good news, especially so soon after the Black Hammer of Apathy swung so harshly at Prentice Women’s Hospital.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Unity Temple, built in Oak Park in 1908, has just received a $10 million grant pledge from The Alphawood Foundation Chicago for restoration, subject to a joint fundraising effort with the Temple’s congregation and the Unity Temple Restoration Foundation to raise additional funds needed for the project.

That could mean as much as another $10 million, but the pledge is still fantastic.

Water leaks and damage over the years has caused both structural issues and problems with interior elements, prompting the National Trust for Historic Preservation to place Unity Temple on the list of 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in 2009.

You can read more at PrairieMod, which also has links to other articles on the subject.

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