The Very First Solar House, by Keck & Keck, in Glenview


825 Glenview Rd, Glenview

When I first heard about this house, I thought that it was Keck & Keck’s first passive solar house. Which is true. However, the fact is that this is the very first house ever built to be referred to as a “solar house” because of the use of a combination of window lines, roof angles and overhangs to take advantage of solar gain during the winter and keep the hottest sun out in the summer – the essence of passive solar design. The story goes that a writer for the Chicago Tribune is who actually coined the term “solar house” when writing about this residence. Pretty amazing for 1939. After this, Keck & Keck built a bunch more homes on the streets just south of this home, in an area they called Solar Park. This house is in excellent condition and has one of the most beautiful Elm trees I’ve ever seen in the back yard, providing shade that was all part of the plan. Let me know if you’d like me to arrange a private showing.

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