Bridges Between Worlds: Creation of Animal Bridges on the Rise


Bridging the Natural and Built Worlds

What a fantastic idea! Overpasses and underpasses like these help animals cross busy, built-up areas (usually roadways) to safely get to the other side, increasing the stability of the animal population, or aiding in migratory behavior, and reducing the risk of high-speed collisions with animals in the process.

The first such is noted to have been built in France in the 1950s, and there are some great examples in this article.

When well-executed, these are not only effective for allowing wildlife a pathway of safe passage, but can also be beautiful. And, in the same way that modern architecture blurs the lines between the outdoors and indoor spaces, these bridges allow the worlds of the natural environment meet with the built environment in both a pleasing and useful manner. Let’s hope the rest of the world follows Europe’s suit and we see more and more of these!

See the article and more pictures & video on MyModernist here

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