Mid-Century Modernized Home in Winnetka



In the world of MCM real estate, homes can take on a lot of different flavors. And I’m not just talking about the original architecture, but the state of the home in the present day.

There are some homes, few and far between, that are still mostly in their original state, granted, in various states of well-maintained-ness and restoration.

Then there are the ones that have been remodeled completely out of character. We’ve all seen them…we get excited when we see the exterior, but once we see the inside, our hearts sink and we let out a collective “Aww, man…” as we see the colonial cabinetry, transitional light fixtures, and shiny granite that now define these once matte and well-thought-out homes.

And then there’s the third kind: One where the home, from the outside still makes us get all tingly, and then inside have been not just remodeled, but modernized: Made to be more modern by today’s standards in terms of finishes, etc., but without sacrificing the integrity of the home’s design overall.

The house at 1103 Sunset Rd. in Winnetka is one of these houses. Outside, you’ve got beautiful stone and cedar, lots of glass of course, generous overhangs for some nice passive solar action, and a fantastic, private half-acre setting in Winnetka, near the back of a street that dead-ends at Crow Island Woods Park and is just minutes from Lake Michigan.

On the inside, the home has been tastefully updated to nice European standards that really accentuate the home’s open, easy floor plan and connection with the natural spaces outside. Lots of floor-to-ceiling windows and clerestories that echo the gable lines bring tons of light and natural beauty into the home, while radiant & baseboard heat, a colorful Euro kitchen with Blum hardware and high-end appliances, and beautiful fixtures and finishes in the bathrooms make the home really comfortable.

I love how many nice details there are in the home and that were introduced with the recent remodels, such as original elements like high storage cabinets over the closets in the bedrooms (which, by the way, are very nicely-sized) and new elements like the flat-edged overhangs on the step and stair treads.

If you’re looking for something in the area, and want to live an easy, modern lifestyle, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything else with this amount of modern style and character that’s ready for you to move in at this price-point. I’d love to help somebody who appreciates the style buy this home to enjoy for years to come!

Click here for more photos and a link through to the listing

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